You Made My Dawn is the sixth mini album by SEVENTEEN. It was released on January 21, 2019 with "Home" serving as the title track.

The physical release comes in three versions, along with their Kihno counterparts: Before Dawn Ver., Dawn Ver., and Eternal Sunshine Ver.

The title track 'Home' and track 'Good To Me' were choreographed by Choi Young Jun, Hoshi and Dino. The track 'Getting Closer' was choreographed by LOOK and Hoshi.[1]

Track listing Edit

  1. Good To Me
  2. Home *Title
  3. Hug
  4. Chilli
  5. Shhh
  6. Getting Closer
No. Title Artist Writer(s) Composer(s) Arranger(s) Ref.
1. Good to Me SEVENTEEN Woozi, Bumzu Woozi, Bumzu Bumzu, Park Gi Tae (Prismfilter) [2]
2. Home Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon Woozi, Vernon, Bumzu Bumzu, Park Gi Tae (Prismfilter) [3]
3. Hug Vocal Team Woozi Woozi, Park Gi Tae (Prismfilter) Park Gi Tae (Prismfilter) [4]
4. Chilli Hip-Hop Team S.Coups, Vernon, Mingyu, Wonwoo Vernon, Bumzu, Poptime Poptime [5]
5. Shhh Performance Team Bumzu, Hoshi, Dino Bumzu, Anchor (Prismfilter) Bumzu, Anchor (Prismfilter) [6]
6. Getting Closer SEVENTEEN Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon, S.Coups Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon Bumzu [7]

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Gaon Certifications Edit

Year Date Certification
2019 March 7 Platinum album

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