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Title Channel Date of Airing Appearances Notes
24 Things About Seventeen(세븐틴) You Should Know! Billboard Korea 18/2/2019 All
[Exclusive Interview] Seventeen(세븐틴) with Korean Unnie KOREA NOW 21/3/2019 All
SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan Jeju-do Bingo Trip dingo music 13/6/2019 ~ 20/6/2019 Seungkwan + Part 2
SEVENTEEN Chat About Their Mini-Album, "You Made My Dawn" BUILD Series 8/7/2019 All (except Seungkwan) Seungkwan was sick at the time
Seventeen Discuss Post-Tour Rituals & Love of 'Stranger Things' Billboard 19/7/2019
Seventeen Plays Who's Who BuzzFeed Celeb 3/8/2019
Knowing Brothers Break Time Interview with 'Seventeen' JTBC Entertainment 8/8/2019 All
SEVENTEEN Do Animal Imitations, Talk New Music, & More at KCON Young Hollywood 6/9/2019 All
Out-of-Nowhere Interview dingo 21/9/2019 All + Extra Takes
Seventeen's Top 5 Music Videos MTV News 23/10/2019 All



Title Channel Date of Airing Appearances Notes
Seventeen Reveals Who is the Biggest Flirt, the Best Singer, and More (Superlatives) Seventeen 16/1/2020 Jun, Hoshi, Woozi, Mingyu, Seungkwan, Vernon
Seventeen Reveals Who's the Most Romantic, Sweetest, and More (Superlatives) Seventeen 23/1/2020 Jeonghan, Joshua, Wonwoo, The8, DK, Dino
Seventeen Plays I Dare You Teen Vogue 24/1/2020 All (except S.coups) S.coups was still on break when it was filmed.
Seventeen Teaches You K-pop Slang Vanity Fair 28/1/2020
14 Things About SEVENTEEN You Should Know! Billboard Korea 21/4/2020
SEVENTEEN TMI Bingo Cosmopolitan Korea 28/4/2020 Wonwoo, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan
[MMTG EP.122] JaeJae & SEVENTEEN's K-Pop Medley MMTG 22/6/2020 S.coups, Joshua, Hoshi, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino
[MMTG EP.123] Heng;garae Comeback Interview MMTG 25/6/2020 S.coups, Joshua, Hoshi, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino
SEVENTEEN Left & Right | MAFIA Dance dingo music 29/6/20 All + Behind
SEVENTEEN On Their Thoughts Behind The Decision To Release "HIT THE ROAD" + More! iHeartRadio 8/7/2020 All
[BOATTA EP.18] Seventeen's Youth MT KBS Kpop 13/7/2020 All
SEVENTEEN Talks About Their Favorite Memories Of Each Other, Answers Fan Questions + More! iHeartRadio 21/7/2020 All
Interview with Pink Sweat$, SEVENTEEN - 17 Warner Music Korea 28/9/2020 Joshua, DK
WDrawing Interview with SEVENTEEN's HipHop Unit W Korea 19/10/2020 S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon
SEVENTEEN Reveal Their Favorite Tracks From New Album 'Semicolon' Access 21/10/2020 All
SEVENTEEN Dish On Their Favorite Songs, New Album 'Semicolon' & More! E! Red Carpet & Award Shows 27/10/2020 All
Mission Ellepossible with SEVENTEEN ELLE Korea 28/10/2020 Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, DK
SEVENTEEN Sings Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and More Seventeen 28/10/2020 All
Seventeen Finds Out Which Group Member They Really Are BuzzFeedVideo 10/11/2020 All
Everything SEVENTEEN Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size Harper's BAZAAR 13/11/2020 All
Battle of 2010 K-Pop MMTG 3/12/2020 S.coups, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan EP 158
[Exclusive] S.COUPS Game MMTG 5/12/2020 S.coups, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan
SEVENTEEN Sings Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, and "Lefy & Right" in a Game of Song Association ELLE 8/12/2020 All
Relay interviews of SEVENTEEN Harper's BAZAAR Korea 24/12/2020 All



Title Channel Date of Airing Appearances Notes
SEVENTEEN Reacts To Home;Run Performance On The Late Late Show With James Corden REACT 12/1/2021 All
Umji's Avengirls Radio Umji's Avengirls Radio 20/1/2021 Seungkwan 98 liners special (with Moonbin, Ungjae, SinB, Suji)
Seventeen Plays ‘Last Time I...’ The Kelly Clarkson Show 16/1/2021 All
SEVENTEEN Reacts to Hawaiian Pizza and Ghosts Esquire 13/2/2021 All
QQ Music Interview 15/2/2021 Jun
SEVENTEEN Pairs Up to Crush These TikTok Dances! Cosmopolitan 21/2/2021 All
SEVENTEEN Zoomterview Cosmopolitan Korea 28/3/2021 Jeonghan, Wonwoo, The8, Mingyu
SEVENTEEN's Message for Their Fans The Ellen Show 1/4/2021 All
K-POP Renaissance | Great songs that should make a comeback (ep 178, 179, 180) MMTG 1/4/2021 Seungkwan
Comment Interview ESQUIRE Korea 10/4/2021 Hoshi
Seventeen Reacts to Their BBMAs Nomination, Biggest Musical Inspirations & More Billboard 30/4/2021 All
17 Questions with SEVENTEEN W Magazine 17/5/2021 All
ELLE Nametag ELLE Korea 27/5/2021 Seungkwan
Wonwoo and Mingyu Talk 'Bittersweet,' New Music & More With Liam McEwan J-14 Magazine 31/5/2021 Wonwoo & Mingyu
Seventeen's Mingyu And Wonwoo Reveal Details On Their Friendship | Besties On Besties Seventeen 5/6/2021 Wonwoo & Mingyu
The Records of The Beauty King 1stLook 11/6/2021 Jeonghan
SEVENTEEN talk new single, 'BSS' comeback Associated Press 19/6/2021 All
Seventeen Wonwoo's birthday present for Mingyu? W Korea 20/6/2021 Wonwoo & Mingyu
SEVENTEEN Reveal Their Fave Tracks On ‘Your Choice’ Access 21/6/2021 All
Ready to love MV BEHIND Deaser 21/6/2021 All
K-pop stars SEVENTEEN drop new album Reuters 22/6/2021 All
SEVENTEEN on New Mini Album “Your Choice” & Their Experiences With Love MTV 22/6/2021 All
Hanging out with SEVENTEEN FO Squad Kpop 23/6/2021 Joshua, Mingyu, Seungkwan, Vernon
kids learn how to make a signature ft. SEVENTEEN ODG 24/6/2021 Joshua, Jun, DK, Seungkwan, Dino with 10 behind clips

(ODG Behind channel)

SEVENTEEN Answer Fan Questions MTV 27/6/2021 All
Q&A with Seventeen Facebook App 27/6/2021 All
Seventeen draw their Your Choice album cover in 60 seconds MTV 28/6/2021 All
SEVENTEEN Reveals How They've Changed Over the Years - Then vs. Now Seventeen 4/7/2021 All
Seventeen "Your Choice" Interview Zach Sang Show 6/7/2021 All
Seventeen Celebrates Their Mini-Album ‘Your Choice’ No.1 Debut Billboard 8/7/2021 All
Comment Interview ESQUIRE Korea 9/7/2021 Dino
SEVENTEEN - Behind the Songs Prudential Center 9/7/2021 All
SEVENTEEN Creates a Sountrack with Their Senses MTV 15/7/2021 All
SEVENTEEN Talks Mini Album 'Your Choice', Performing Live & More 102.7KIISFM 16/7/2021 All
SEVENTEEN Plays 'Would You Rather' BuzzFeed Celeb 20/7/2021 All
In My Bag QnA Allure Korea 28/7/2021 Hoshi
Quiz Alarm Netflix Korea 30/7/2021 Mingyu, Seungkwan, Vernon
Boo Seungkwan Management Office OPEN! ELLE Korea 4/8/2021 Seungkwan
The Records of the Beauty King 1stLook 10/9/2021 Mingyu
Let me show you who the real fan is. Positive Hotel 12/10/2021 Seungkwan
SEVENTEEN Elevator Fart Prank with 이정재재 and 깐부승관 MMTG 21/10/2021 All MMTG EP 216
SEVENTEEN on Self-Producing Their Music and Channeling Rockstars in 'Rock With You' Entertainment Tonight 23/10/2021 All (except Jun and The8) Jun and The8 were in China for different schedules and activities.
Seventeen Talk About Their Ninth EP ‘Attacca,’ CARATs & More Billboard 23/10/2021
zip my record. ESQUIRE Korea 23/10/2021 S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon
In My Bag QnA Allure Korea 23/10/2021 S.Coups
Let's Meet SEVENTEEN AskAnythingChat 24/10/2021 All
Halloween with SEVENTEEN, True horror stories Season B Season 28/10/2021 Jeonghan, Vernon, Dino Season B Season EP 57
SEVENTEEN’s Jaejae Guild that surpasses the never-encountered combination (ENFP ENTP ENTJ ESFP) MMTG 28/10/2021 All MMTG EP 217
SVT Zombie Game full clip Season B Season 9/12/2021 Jeonghan, Vernon, Dino
SEVENTEEN Performs ‘Rock With You’ & ‘Crush’ + Exclusive Interview MTV Push 10/12/2021 All (except Jun and The8)
SEVENTEEN'S Joshua and Vernon Discuss the Inspo for Their First English Single 2 MINUS 1 Seventeen 16/12/2021 Joshua & Vernon