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Woozi (우지) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and producer under Pledis Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group SEVENTEEN and the leader of Vocal Team. He is also part of the special sub-unit, 'Leaders'.


  • Position:
    • Composer
    • Lyricist
    • Producer
    • Leader of Vocal Team
    • Lead Vocalist


Music Video Appearances[]

Year Name Artist Note
2012 Face NU'EST Pre-Debut
Venus Hello Venus
2014 My Copycat Orange Caramel

Music shows[]

Year Name Channel Role Note
2018 M Countdown Mnet special MC with Mingyu and Seungkwan


Solo Features[]

  • Marie Claire January 2022 Issue

Features with Other Members[]

Features with All of SEVENTEEN as a Group[]

  • IZE Magazine: August Issue (2015)
  • KWAVE December Issue (2015)
  • CeCi Magazine: December Issue (2015)
  • IZE Magazine: December Issue (2015)
  • 10+ Star: TENASIA March Issue (2016)
  • CeCi Magazine: May Issue (2016)
  • @star1 Vol.50 (May 2016)
  • IZE Magazine (May 2016) *PHOTOBOOK*
  • haru*hana Magazine (Japan) Vol.36 (May 2016)
  • AnAn Magazine (Japan) 21 June 2017
  • @star1 Vol.64 (July 2017)
  • DAZED Digital Magazine (July 2017)
  • CeCi Magazine: October Issue (2017)
  • HIGH CUT Vol.208 (October 2017) *COVER*
  • CeCi Magazine: January Issue (2018)
  • SINGLES Korea: April Issue (2018) *COVER*
  • Sparkling Magazine’s Spring 2018 Issue *COVER*
  • 1st LOOK Vol.155 (May 2018) *COVER*
  • AnAn Magazine (Japan) 30 May 2018 *COVER*
  • @star1 Vol.77 (August 2018) *COVER*
  • CREA Magazine: October Issue (2018)
  • SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.1 (November 2018) *COVER*
  • THE STAR: February Issue (2019)
  • SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.2 (April 2019)
  • AnAn Magazine (Japan) 13 May 2019 *COVER*
  • AnAn Magazine No. 2187 (Japan) February 2020 *COVER*
  • SPRiNG Magazine (Japan): March Issue (2020)
  • BILLBOARD Korea Vol.3 (April 2020) *COVER*
  • Monotube Magazine Vol.2 (July 2020) *Thief & Heist Collaboration*
  • HARPER`S BAZAAR: January Issue (2021) *COVER*
  • MORE Magazine Japan: January Issue (2022) *COVER* [Jun and The8 weren't able to participate due to activities in China]


= Participate

✖ = Didn't participate

SEVENTEEN Discography[]

Year Album Song Writing Composer Arrange
2015 17 Carat Shining Diamond
Adore U
Ah Yeah
Jam Jam
Boys Be Fronting
When I Grow Up
2016 Love & Letter Chuck
Pretty U
Still Lonely
Say Yes
Drift Away
Adore U (Vocal Team)
Monday To Saturday
Shining Diamond (Performance Team)
Love Letter
Love & Letter Repackage Album No F.U.N
Very Nice
Going Seventeen BEAUTIFUL
Fast Pace
Don't Listen In Secret
I Don't Know
Smile Flower
2017 Al1 Don't Wanna Cry
Swimming Fool
My I
Crazy in Love
- My I (Chinese Ver.)
Teen, Age Intro. New World
Change Up
Without You
Bring It
Lilili Yabbay
Outro. Incompletion -(Inst.)
2018 Director's Cut Thinkin' About You
Run to You
Falling for U
We Make You Call Call Call!
20 (Japanese ver.)
Love Letter (Japanese ver.)
You Make My Day Oh My!
Come to me
Our dawn is hotter than day
(Single) Oh My! (Chinese ver.)
2019 You Made My Dawn Good to Me
Getting Closer
(Single) Home (Chinese Ver.)
Happy Ending (Single) Happy Ending
Oh My! -Japanese ver.-
Healing -Japanese ver.-
(Single), An Ode HIT
An Ode Lie Again
독 : Fear
Let Me Hear You Say
Second Life
Network Love
Snap Shoot
Happy Ending (Korean Ver.)
2020 Fallin' Flower Fallin' Flower
Good to Me (Japanese ver.)
Smile Flower (Japanese ver.)
Heng:garæ Fearless
Left & Right
I Wish
My My
(Single), 24H 24H
Pinwheel (Japanese ver.)
247 (Japanese ver.)
Together (Japanese ver.)
Semicolon HOME;RUN
Do Re Mi
Light a Flame
All My Love
2021 Not Alone Not Alone
Run to You (Japanese ver.)
HOME;RUN (Japanese ver.)
Your Choice Heaven's Cloud
Ready to love
Same dream, same mind, same night
Attacca To you
Rock with you
Imperfect love
I can't run away
Power of Love Power of Love
Home (Japanese ver.)
Snap Shoot (Japanese ver.)

Discography as a soloist[]

Year Song Writing Composer Arranger
2022 Ruby

BSS Discography[]

Year Song Writing Composer Arranger
2018 Just Do It


Year Song Writing Composer Arranger
2018 A-TEEN
2019 9-TEEN

Other songs[]

Year Album Artist Song Writing Composer Arranger
2015 Digital Single Seventeen Feat.Ailee Q&A
2016 Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Lizzy & Raina 2016 You in my imagination
A New Empire Ailee Feelin (feat. Eric Nam)
Live or Die (feat. Tak of Baechigi)
2017 - Woozi WITH ME
Digital Single I.O.I Downpour
Digital Single Bumzu & Han Dong Geun Forever Young
W, Here Baekho (NU'EST W) Thanksful for you
Performance @ MAMA 2017 in Japan Seventeen & NU'EST W HEAVEN
2018 Digital Single Bumzu I don't miss you
Mixtape Chanyeol (EXO) Give Me That
Live on Ice tobi lou 17cg
2020 - SEVENTEEN Us, Again
2021 Mixtape Hoshi Spider






Unofficial songs[]

  • WITH ME (2017)
  • 어떤 미래 (What Kind of Future) (2018)


Awards and nominations[]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2017 Melon Music Awards Hot Trend Award "Downpour" Nominated
2021 Asia Artist Awards Best Producer Award WOOZI Won


  • Nickname: Mr. Fluorescent Sneakers/Mr Orange Sneakers, Soft food/Tofu, White, Documentary, Lord Woozi, VoBo (Vocal team boss), Uri-Jihoonie (Our Jihoonie), Jihoonie, The genius composer, Fairy, Worm (Jirongie)
  • Emoji: 🍚
  • Family: Mom and dad (He’s an only child)
  • Education:
    • Suyong Elementary School (Graduated)
    • Daecheong Middle school (Graduated)
    • Hanlim Multi Art School (Graduated)
    • Hanyang University’s Institute for Future Talents (Practical Music Major K-POP Course)
  • Specialty: Dancing, Producing, Composing, Writing lyrics 
  • Hobby: Enjoying music, Working out, Eating 
  • Training Period: 5 years
  • Instruments: Guitar, drums, clarinet, piano
  • Favourite Foods: Rice, Jjajangmyun (Black Bean Noodles) & Spicy Ramyeon Noodles mixed together.
    • He loves rice so much. He doesn't even need side dishes or snacks, just rice. No matter what he eats, he always has cola with it.
    • He likes spicy food, but can't really handle it.
    • He doesn't like hot food, so he keeps rice in the fridge before he eats,. He also puts ice cubes in his ramen.
  • Favourite Drinks: Cola
  • Favourite Animals: Cats
  • Favourite Body Parts: Body
  • Favourite Colours: Black, Grey, Navy blue
  • Favorite Artists: Bruno Mars
  • MBTI: INFJ (Advocate)
  • The meaning behind his real name is that Ji means ‘know’, Hoon means ‘service’. It means to know my service.
  • His stage name 'Woozi' (우지) is actually an acronym of Uri-Jihoonie (우리 지훈이) / Our Jihoon, the way staff members likes to call him during his trainee days. But at their debut, the company felt that the naming was too simple so the official meaning of the name is then announced as, Woo as in 'to meet' and Ji as in 'wisdom' taken from the Chinese characters.
  • He composes most of Seventeen a songs, that's why he's called "the genius composer".
    • He says he can write music the best at dawn, from 2 am to 7 am. Sometimes, he can write a song within only a couple of hours.
    • He gets inspiration for music from everyday life. He also has a habit of taking down notes even when he's just talking with the members
    • To Woozi, the most important musical element when making music is sincerity.
    • Bumzu mentioned once that Woozi has this one expression when he is done making a song that he really likes. He will say "I just sent the song through email~ give it a listen~" and he will come to Bumzu's studio room while crossing his arms (very cutely) with a smile.
    • Woozi has 102 songs copyrighted under his name as of November 2020, which makes him the youngest person on the list to produce more than 100 songs.
    • He says he feels burdened being Seventeen’s composer because he’s afraid if they fail, it would be his fault. 
    • He participated in making fromis_9's LOVE RUMPUMPUM as one of the composer, lyricist and arranger. He used a pseudonym '백구' (BaekGu) meaning White Jindo dog.
  • He was supposed to debut in ‘Tempest’ (along with S.Coups) before Seventeen was created.
  • He was voted by the other members as the most hard working member, along with Soon-young (Hoshi). 
  • He spends more than half of his day in his workroom (Universe Factory) to produce and write songs. He said his workroom feels more comfortable than his dorm.
  • He likes sports, and is good at it.
  • He used to be a baseball player in school. His position was a catcher.
  • When he was younger, he did classic music for a long time. He played the clarinet and band instruments. He always enjoyed singing and people told him he had a good voice but he was doubtful. He participated in the Pledis auditions and passed. Since then, his knowledge on music has widened and it becomes more exciting to him each time. 
  • As of 2020, he is the shortest active male idol in Korea.
  • He answered once in a fan-sign that he "won't do anything" when he has someone he likes. (Basically, he would not confess or make a move to someone he has a crush on.)
  • During SEVENTEEN's One Fine Day in Japan, he told the story of his first love who was his noona, in which left all the members and staff in awe.
  • He views himself as being very calm, serious and careful. Because he’s a little too serious sometimes, he has the nickname ‘documentary’. 
  • Between winter or summer, he prefers winter.
  • 'Pinwheel' was made after he saw the blue sky and a pinwheel in the middle of a field in his dream.
  • Between a genius and an idiot, he'd rather be an idiot because idiots always make efforts.
  • He was said to look like BTS' Suga during SEVENTEEN's early days.
  • He was voted as the member who eats the most.
  • He can't drink well. When he drinks alcohol, his body turns red all over like an allergic reaction.
  • His clothes' sleeves are always long because he wears outfits that fit his broad shoulders. He always rolls up his pants to make his legs look long.
  • He enjoys mobile games. He's especially good at simple games like Beggar Life, Cookie Run, Monthly Idol, Tails Runner, and Superstar. He once placed 10th highest overall in Superstar Pledis
  • Woozi watches every new Marvel film. His favourite superhero is Black Panther.



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