A list of unofficial songs by SEVENTEEN, including the mixtapes, unreleased songs from their concerts and song covers are listed down below.

List of Songs Edit

SEVENTEEN : Hit The Road Edit

Year Song Artist
2020 Us, Again SEVENTEEN

Mixtapes (SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud)Edit

Vol. Mixtape Artist Links
1. Just For Fun S.Coups, Wonwoo, Woozi, Vernon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
2. Sunshine Remix S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon Feat. Yoo Ara SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
3. That Pole S.Coups, Vernon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
4. Like a loose cannon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
5. Wally S.Coups, Woozi, Vernon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
6. No Flex Zone Wonwoo, Mingyu, Dino SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
7. Because of You (Acoustic Ver.) Vocal Unit SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
8. B Boy (B Boy [Meek Mill] Sampling) Vernon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
9. Winter Mountain (2015 ver.) S.Coups, Vernon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
10. Lizzie Velasquez Vernon SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
11. LOTTO Remix Hip-Hop Unit SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
12. Check-In SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
13. 0 (ZERO) Dino SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
14. Un Haeng Il Chi (Concert ver.) Hip-Hop Unit SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
15. The Real Thing Dino SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud
16. Night and Rain (Chinese ver.) The8 SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud

Unreleased Songs (Concerts)Edit

Year Song Artist Note Links
2014 We Gonna Make It Shine (2014 Ver.) Woozi, Hoshi, Seungkwan, DK Seventeen Vocal Practice Video SEVENTEEN YouTube channel
2017 JOKER Hip-Hop Unit Seventeen 1st World Tour 'Diamond Edge' in Seoul Youtube
What's The Problem
MMO (Madness Max Out)
We Gonna Make It Shine (2017 ver.) Vocal Unit Youtube
WITH ME Woozi Youtube
HURRICANE Hoshi Youtube
2018 숙여 (Bow Down) Hip-Hop Unit Seventeen Concert 'IDEAL CUT' in Seoul Youtube
페노메노 (PHE · NOM · ENON) S.Coups
퍼플로즈 (Purple Rose) Jeonghan
Can't Live with Losing You Joshua
메아리 (ECHO) Jun
TOUCH Hoshi Youtube
거짓말 (Lies) Wonwoo
어떤 미래 (What Kind of Future) Woozi
밤과 비 (Night and Rain) (Korean Ver.) The 8
시작처럼 (Like the Beginning) Mingyu
Fly DK
Alright Seungkwan
Life is a Beach Vernon
ET: Every Time Dino

Unreleased Songs (TV Shows) Edit

Year Song Artist Note Links
2017 HEAVEN SEVENTEEN & NU'EST W Performance @ MAMA 2017 in Japan Youtube
2018 Thanks (Chinese Ver.) Jun 潮音战纪 (Chao Yin Zhan Ji) Youtube
Clap (Chinese Ver.) The8 Youtube
Rocket (English Ver.) Joshua & Vernon Idol Hits Youtube

Unreleased Songs (Others)Edit

Year Song Artist Links
2017 HIGHLIGHT (13 Member ver.) SEVENTEEN SEVENTEEN Official SoundCloud

Seventeen Danceology (SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel) Edit

Year Song Performer Member Original Song Note
2018 5 In The Morning Dino 5 In The Morning by Charli XCX SEVENTEEN YouTube channel
2019 SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix) SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix) by Travis Scott, Skrillex SEVENTEEN YouTube channel
Undecided Undecided by Chris Brown SEVENTEEN YouTube channel
Sucker Sucker by Jonas Brothers SEVENTEEN YouTube channel
2020 Feeling Good Feeling Good by Avicii SEVENTEEN YouTube channel
Toosie Slide Dino, Vernon Toosie Slide by Drake SEVENTEEN YouTube channel

#17studio (SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel) Edit

Year Song Performer Member Original Song Note
2017 Beautiful Tomorrow Seungkwan Beautiful Tomorrow by Park Hyo Shin SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
She Didn't Love Me


DK She Didn't Love Me (사랑했던걸까) by Yang Da Il SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel

Crazy For You (想你想瘋了)

Jun Crazy For You (想你想瘋了) by Mindy Quah (柯以敏) SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
2019 Love poem Seungkwan Love poem by IU SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
2020 The Road (길) DK The Road (길) by Paul Kim SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
THE 8 Contemporary ART Doodle Diary The8 idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
Bye bye my blue Woozi Bye bye my blue by Yerin Baek SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
Phonecert Hoshi Phonecert by 10cm SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
Down in Sandbar(失落沙洲) Jun Down in Sandbar (失落沙洲) by LaLa Hsu (徐佳莹) SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel

Cover Songs Edit

Year Song Performer Member Original Song Note
2015 Bindaetteok gentleman SEVENTEEN Bindaetteok gentleman by Han Bok Nam Show Music Core
2016 U U by Super Junior M COUNTDOWN Special Stage
2017 Wild Eyes Wild Eyes by Shinhwa SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
Happiness (행복) Happiness (행복) by H.O.T SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel
Décalcomanie Décalcomanie by MAMAMOO Music Bank


I wanna be a Celeb Hoshi, DK, The8, Seungkwan, Dino I wanna be a Celeb by Celeb Five Seventeen Japan Arena Tour 'SVT'
Forsake Seungkwan Forsake by Big Mama King of masked singer
2019 Wi-Fi Seungkwan Wi-Fi by Yoon Jong Shin & Zico Dingo music Channel
Those Bygone Years (那些年) Jeonghan, Joshua,

Jun, Woozi, DK, The8, Seungkwan

Those Bygone Years (那些年) by Xia Hu Music Bank in Hong Kong 2019
Egotistic Hoshi, Wonwoo, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon Egotistic by MAMAMOO 2019 MBC Music festival

When you love someone (그렇더라고요)


When you love someone (그렇더라고요) by Day6

SEVENTEEN Twitter Update
You Were Beautiful (예뻤어) Hoshi You Were Beautiful (예뻤어) by Day6 SEVENTEEN Twitter Update
I Decide DK I Decide by Heritage  SEVENTEEN Twitter Update
Scent (향기) Hoshi Scent (향기) by Sam Kim SEVENTEEN Twitter Update
Candy DK Candy by Baekhyun SEVENTEEN Twitter Update

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