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The8 (디에잇) is a Chinese singer, dancer, and songwriter under Pledis Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group SEVENTEEN under 'Perfomance Team'.


  • Position:
    • Lead Dancer
    • Vocalist


2008–2014: Pre-debut[]

He made his first appearance on Seventeen TV in late 2014.

2015–present: Debut with Seventeen and solo activities[]

In 2015, The8 debuted with the South Korea boy band, Seventeen. Their first EP 17 Carat was digitally released on May 29.

After debuting with Seventeen, The8 also landed a television role in Real Class - Elementary School in 2017.

On December 12, 2017, Pledis Entertainment announced that The8 would be suspending his promotional activities due to a waist injury. It was not until the release of the revised album "Directors Cut" that he return to promotions.

The8 released his mixtape, "Night and Rain"(밤과 비), on March 8th 2018. The song was released on Soundcloud, along with a sneak peek posted to his Instagram.

In 2018, The8, along with his bandmate Wen Junhui, participated in the Chinese reality TV show Chao Yin Zhan Ji (潮音战纪). The8, along with his Victor, went on to complete the show, coming in second place.

In 2019 he served as one of the two dance coaches (alongside Jolin Tsai) in the Chinese survival show Idol Producer 2.

The8 made his solo debut on 9 June 2019 with the single, "Dreams Come True". The choreography video for the single was released on Seventeen's official YouTube channel on June 11th 2019.

On May 4, 2020, The8 announced the release of a second single, "Falling Down". The single was released on May 8, 2020.

On April 13, 2021, The8 released his third single 'Side By Side' with a music video on HYBE Labels official Youtube channel.


 TV shows[]

Year Title Network Role Note
2010 Day Day Up Hunan Satellite TV Cast member
2017 Real Class - Elementary School SBS
2018 Chao Yin Zhan Ji Tencent (China) Contestant with Jun
2019 Idol Producer 2 (Qing Chun You Ni) iQiyi (China) Dance mentor
Day Day Up Hunan Satellite TV Cast member

Music shows[]

Year Title Network Role Note
2017 M Countdown Mnet Special MC with Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, and Jeonghan
2018 with Jun, Joshua, Vernon


Solo Features[]

  • EYEZ: January Issue (2020)
  • Dazed: April Issue (2020)
  • Arena Homme+ April Issue (2021)
  • ViVi Magazine: May Issue (2021)
  • Madame Figaro Hommes October Issue (2021)
  • GRAZIA China Digital Magazine Vol. 5 (November 2021)
  • PowerCircles: December Issue (2021)

Features with Other Members[]

Features with All of SEVENTEEN as a Group[]

  • IZE Magazine: August Issue (2015)
  • KWAVE December Issue (2015)
  • CeCi Magazine: December Issue (2015)
  • IZE Magazine: December Issue (2015)
  • 10+ Star: TENASIA March Issue (2016)
  • CeCi Magazine: May Issue (2016)
  • @star1 Vol.50 (May 2016)
  • IZE Magazine (May 2016) *PHOTOBOOK*
  • haru*hana Magazine (Japan) Vol.36 (May 2016)
  • AnAn Magazine (Japan) 21 June 2017
  • @star1 Vol.64 (July 2017)
  • DAZED Digital Magazine (July 2017)
  • CeCi Magazine: October Issue (2017)
  • HIGH CUT Vol.208 (October 2017) *COVER*
  • CeCi Magazine: January Issue (2018)
  • SINGLES Korea: April Issue (2018) *COVER*
  • Sparkling Magazine’s Spring 2018 Issue *COVER*
  • 1st LOOK Vol.155 (May 2018) *COVER*
  • AnAn Magazine (Japan) 30 May 2018 *COVER*
  • @star1 Vol.77 (August 2018) *COVER*
  • CREA Magazine: October Issue (2018)
  • SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.1 (November 2018) *COVER*
  • THE STAR: February Issue (2019)
  • SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.2 (April 2019)
  • AnAn Magazine (Japan) 13 May 2019 *COVER*
  • AnAn Magazine No. 2187 (Japan) February 2020 *COVER*
  • SPRiNG Magazine (Japan): March Issue (2020)
  • BILLBOARD Korea Vol.3 (April 2020) *COVER*
  • Monotube Magazine Vol.2 (July 2020) *Thief & Heist Collaboration*
  • HARPER`S BAZAAR: January Issue (2021) *COVER*


= Participated

✖ = Didn't participate

SEVENTEEN Discography[]

Year Album Song Writing Composer Arrange
2016 Love & Letter Drift Away
Going Seventeen HIGHLIGHT
2017 Al1 My I
- My I (Chinese Ver.)
Teen, Age Without You
2018 We Make You Highlight (Japanese ver.)
(Single) Oh My! (Chinese ver.)
2019 (Single) Home (Chinese Ver.)
An Ode 247
Network Love
2020 24H 247 (Japanese ver.)
Semicolon HEY BUDDY
2021 Your Choice Wave

 Discography as a soloist[]

Year Album Song Writing Composer Arrange
2019 - Dreams Come True
2020 - Falling Down
2021 Side By Side Side By Side (Chinese ver.)
Side By Side (Korean ver.)


Year Artist Song Writing Composer Arrange
2018 The8 Night And Rain


Year Artist Song Writing Composer Arrange
2020 The8 Maze


Digital singles[]




Unofficial songs[]

See also: Unofficial songs

Original songs[]

  • 밤과 비 (Night and Rain) (Korean Ver.) (2018)

TV Shows[]

  • Clap (Chinese Ver.) (2018)

Other releases[]


  • Nickname: Cute King, Little Prince, Little8, Fairy, Hao, Mr.8, Xiao Ba, Kinghao, King of China, Dragon8/yongpal, Eisa, Jeonghan's sunflower, Mr. TeaTime
  • Emoji: 🐸, 🎱
  • Family: Mom and dad (He’s an only child)
  • Education:
    • Beijing International Art School (Graduated)
  • Specialty: Break dancing, Martial arts, Tumbling, B-boy
  • Hobby:  Break dancing, Martial arts, Shopping, Painting, Photography, Reading 
  • Training Period: 1 year and 5 months
  • Favorite Drinks: Milk, green tea latte, wine
  • Favorite Animals: Puppy
  • Favorite Body Parts: Eyes, hands
  • Favorite Colors: Black, White, bright colors
  • Favorite Number: 8
  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • MBTI Personality types: INFJ (Advocate)
  • The meaning behind his stage name is that the number 8 is considered a lucky number in China and when the 8 is laid down, the infinite sign appears, symbolizing infinite luck.
  • His real name Xu Ming Hao, can be interpreted as 'Bright and Prosperous'.
  • He was the last member to join the group.
  • He has been practicing Chinese wushu since he was 5 years old. He participated and won first prize at the National Children’s martial arts competition.  
  • He did b-boying in China for 6 years.  
  • His role models are his parents. 
  • Being from China, he wasn't fluent in Korean and had to fend for himself, so he often buried his face in his pillow and cried a lot. He relied a lot on Jun & Hoshi. He said these two made it possible for him to debut as SVT member.
  • His first meeting with Jun didn't go very well because Jun had mistaken him for someone else (Jun's friend whose name was also Minghao), but is now considered a very embarassing first impression story on Jun's side.
  • He is a Christian and Buddhist.  
  • He wanted to be a superstar since he was young. He got into an audition at school when he was in China.  
  • He said he watched a lot of variety shows when he was in China and he wanted to be a superstar, so that’s why he became a singer in Korea. 
  • His role model is Henry. He is Chinese and really works hard and efficient. He wants to be like him.  
  • He always makes sure to eat his meals without skipping any. Even if he has to wake up at 3 AM, he would wake up 1 hour before and eat. 
  • Between Korean food or foreign food, he prefers Chinese food. He and Jun knows almost all the Chinese restaurants in the city, and often reccomends certain places to the members when they are going to eat Chinese.
  • He likes melon.
  • He is the one who always give birthday gifts to the members.
  • He created and is part of a group chat with other Chinese idols who work in Korea, including Jun, WayV's Kun, and Pentagon's Yanan. 
  • He's one of the most artistic member. He likes painting & photography.
  • He is SEVENTEEN's fashionista. He says he can freely express himself through fashion, and he feels like he's truly living as himself when he has a great outfit on
  • He began to paint when he took a break in 2017. At that time, he felt a little suffocating so he began to try new things to escape from that feeling
  • He hangs out with Mingyu's dad a lot (even without Mingyu sometimes). Since his parents live in China, he might feel lonely at times, so Mingyu's dad once told Minghao to treat him as his second father. He also often assists Minghao when he needs help in daily life. They even went fishing together.
  • He has a small series of projects called, "The8's Contemporary Art".



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