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Seventeen's Wise Quarantine Life (세븐틴의 슬기로운 격리생활) is the mini video-series of 'Zoom' call activities that happened during their self-isolation period on June 19, 2021 until June 29, 2021.


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SVT Wise Quarantine Life (Mafia Game).jpg
SEVENTEEN's Wise Quarantine Life | Playing Mafia Game SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel June 27, 2021
SEVENTEEN plays the classic Mafia Game through ZOOM during their self-quarantine period. Jeonghan acts as the moderator to the game, assigning the roles of each member via chat (the roles: Mafia (2), Police (1), Doctor (1)). The game continues with the usual chaotic nature, to the point where they question as to if there was even a Mafia to begin with.
SVT Wise Quarantine Life (Singing Timing Game).jpg
SEVENTEEN's Wise Quarantine Life | Singing Timing Game SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel June 28, 2021
SEVENTEEN continues their self-quarantine activities by playing the Singing Timing Game through ZOOM. The game is a combination of 눈치(timing) game and continuing the song. This time the losers will receive penalties. Penalty for the first round is to wear their 'Anyone' stage outfit from morning until their Music Bank performance, including dry rehearsals. Penalty for the second round is to buy lunch for everyone, including the staff members.
SVT Wise Quarantine Life (Online Random Dinner).jpg
SEVENTEEN's Wise Quarantine Life | Online Random Dinner SEVENTEEN YouTube Channel June 29, 2021
SEVENTEEN enjoys dinner time together by buying a different member's dinner (chosen randomly). The scale of dinner varies from simple kimbab dishes to fancy spider-crab delicacies.