LIKE SEVENTEEN 'Boys Wish Encore' Concert was SEVENTEEN's 1st concert.

Set List Edit

Number Song
1. Mansae
2. Shining Diamond
3. Rock
4. 20 (Vocal Team)
5. Jam Jam (Performance Team feat.Vernon)
6. Ah Yeah (Hip-Hop Team)
7. Mansae (Acoustic ver.) (Vocal Team)
8. Chuck*unreleased (Performance Team)
9. Believe me (Lil Wayne)

(Hip-Hop Team)

10. You, In the Fantasy (Seotaiji and Boys)

(Performance Team)

11. Lotto (Remix ver.) (Mixtape)

(Hip-Hop Team)

12. Love Rain (Kim Tae Woo)

(Vocal Team)

13. Dumb Dumb (Red Velvet)

(Performance Team)

14. Black Skinhead (Kanye West)

(Hip-Hop Team)

15. Simple*unreleased


16, Can't Go Anywehere Else

*unreleased (Hoshi)

17. Bucket list

(Wonwoo&Vernon feat.Bumzu)

18. Month of June (Mckay)


19. I can only Imagine (David Guett)


20. Good Life

(S.Coups&Mingyu feat.Bumzu)

21. Snow Of April (HuhGak)


22. As I Say (Yoo Jae Suk)


23. How are you? (Geeks)


24. Monday To Saturday (Hip-Hop Team)
25. My everything (Brown Eyed Soul)

(Vocal Team)

26. Mom (Ra.D)


27. Sunshine Remix (Mixtape)

(Hip-Hop Team)

28. Space *unreleased

(Hip-Hop Team & DK)

29. A Flying Burretfly (YB)

(Vocal Team)

30. Mansae (Performance Team ver.)

(Performance Team)

31. Q&A *unreleased

(S.Coups, Woozi, Vernon feat.Aliee)

32. All I want for Christmas is you

(Mariah Carey)

33. Friday Night (god)

(Joshua, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon)

34. Perfect Man (Shinhwa)

(Jeonghan, Jun, Hoshi, DK, Mingyu)

35. One Love (original: 1TYM)

(S.Coups, Wonwoo, Woozi, Dino)

36. Bindaetteok gentleman (한복남)
37. Fast Pace *unreleased
38. No F.U.N
39. Adore U
40. When I Grow Up (Vocal Team)
41. OMG (Performance Team)
42. Fronting (13 Member ver.)

Concert DatesEdit

Date Time Special Performance City Country Venue Attendance
December 24, 2015 7.30PM Vocal Team Day Seoul South Korea Yongsan Art Hall 3,200
December 25, 2015 2.00PM Performance Team Day
December 25, 2015 7.30PM Hip-Hop Team Day
December 26, 2015 5.00PM UNIT HIGHLIGHT DAY
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